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BeaCon Newsletter - Lighting The Way

In 2013 an electronic newsletter was started to provide more content and color photographs and to help save mailing costs.  Most issues will include owner stories about a health problem that their Beardie has experienced.  These are enlightening yet sometimes with sad endings.

BeaCon's Newsletter, Lighting The Way was recognized for excellence by the Dog Writer's Association of America in 2005 with the Maxwell Award.

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The e-newsletters can be accessed by viewing the newsletter archives on MailChimp

Spring 2017 - BeaCon Newsletter

Winter 2016 - BeaCon Newsletter

Spring 2016 - BeaCon Newsletter

Fall 2015 - BeaCon Newsletter

Spring 2015 - BeaCon Newsletter email version

Fall 2014 - BeaCon Newsletter email version

05/13/2014 - BeaCon Newsletter email version

12/04/2013 - BeaCon Newsletter

06/02/2013 - BeaCon e-Newsletter

Print newsletters

The print edition will be discontinued after the fall/winter 2017 issue.

These are PDF documents. Click a link to open an issue. When leaving a newsletter, use the back arrow in your browser. If you click the X in the right upper corner, you will leave BeaCon's web site.  There are no longer links to hard copy newsletters after fall 2012 because the e-newsletter versions are much more extensive.

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