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Genetic Diversity

(COI) Coefficients of Inbreeding for public dogs in OHR (7/11/16)

Genetic Diversity in UK Bearded Collies born 1980 and after

Genetic Consequences of Breed Formation by Dr. Jerold Bell

Backyard Geneticist, CA Sharp. Australian Shepherd Genetics and Health Institute.

Genetic diversity of USA dogs in AKC Stud Books 1977-2015.  The project is underway and a database with 99% of the dogs’ information will be analyzed by a veterinary geneticist.  This will provide information for understanding the diversity of this population of Bearded Collies.


Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy (SLO) is autoimmune in nature, with symptoms that include pain, loss of nails, bleeding, split nails, and abnormal nail regrowth.  See photos below.  Read about current research details and how you can participate here

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Abnormal regrowth

Acute disease

Normal regrowth

Home Breeders Health Information Open Registry Donors Memorials Links About Us

Affected nail

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