Donation to Rabies Challenge Fund

BeaCon has just donated $1000 to the Rabies Challenge Fund from our research funds (Sept 2014). The Rabies fund has two concurrent canine rabies vaccine challenge studies (one for 5 years, one for 7 years), a study of canine rabie vaccine adjuvants, and a rabies vaccine adverse reactions reporting system.    

Prize for New Dogs entered in the open registry.

  • Next Prize - Dog # 2400 (now at #2367).  If in the USA, the prize is this beautiful framed sketch by  Lyn St. Claire Stubbs, dated 1986, 53/100 and donated to BeaCon by Julie McHugh.  If the dog is not from the USA, a suitable more easily mailed item will be substituted. 


Current Research

SLO Research is ongoing in two areas - DNA sample collection (go to current research for links to DNA collection and environmental/family survey.

Click here for details. NOTE:  This is a PDF document; recent firefox versions don't always display active links so you may want to use a different browser. 

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